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Who Are We?

Our company is young and developing very dynamically. We are a community of interests that unites producers from Eastern European countries on the one hand and processors in Germany and the neighboring countries of the European Union on the other. Our goal is of great importance and has a long-term orientation: to ensure the supply of the German market with carefully selected and qualitative raw materials for processing in the food sector.

The raw materials market in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and other Eastern European and Asian regions is very important for the people of the European Union, especially for the consumers in Germany. How important these raw materials are and how much the changes abroad are affecting the situation in our supermarkets became quite clear to everyone in Germany in March of this year, when Russia started the war in Ukraine. Especially in the area of Oilseeds our consumer area relies on countries like Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Ukraine plays a big role in the field of Sunflowers, wheats, sugars and in many other areas. Kazakhstan is world in the field of linseed cultivation one of the leading countries, but also strong in the field of sunflowers, as well as in grain area with wheat, Corn, Barley and many other cultures. Therefore, our team connects a network of farmers in Ukraine and Kazakhstan and the processing companies in Germany to ensure a safe, qualitative and sustainable supply.

This creates a win-win situation for everyone involved, because consumers in Germany benefit from our careful selection and sustainable monitoring of the production and delivery processes. Farmers abroad (Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, etc.) use the opportunity to export their production directly to Germany. Farmers are developing even better and are introducing European innovations to meet the quality demands of German consumers. The quality of the grain and oilseeds is very high and corresponds to all European standards for clean agriculture. Both countries, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, play a major role in the production of the Bio-Products that then find their way to Europe.

Why is cooperation with us easy, reliable and profitable?

The grain and oilseed market is currently in constant flux, with prices and availability changing very quickly. We have very good goods from Ukraine and Kazakhstan, which we present to you on our website. Our main characteristics are currently in the brown and golden linseed, the Rapeseeds, sunflower seeds and oil products such as sunflower oil and linseed oil. Grain products such as durum and soft wheat, Buckwheat important for the European market. There are other cultures such as B. Camelina from Kazakhstan for the processing industry in Germany.

Based on open and specialized sources, we have analyzed the situation in the production and trade of flax/linseed. According to analysts in Kazakhstan, this season we will see an increase in the market supply for this oilseed. At the same time, the prices for our buyers - the processing companies in Germany - remain very interesting.


The building blocks of our success

High quality products

We entrust the control of quality and quantity to our permanent partners and experts Baltic Control and SGS, world leaders in inspection services, expertise, testing and certification.

market experience

Experience, high qualifications and professional, well-coordinated work of the company's employees make it possible to ensure the fulfillment of orders of any complexity and volume, avoid errors in the conduct of business, and thereby minimize the risks of our partners.

Geography of Exports

Today we export our products to more than 30 countries around the world.

profitable price

By financing direct producers for future harvest, providing fertilizer for processing plants, supplying seeds and agricultural equipment, we can minimize prices.

highly qualified employees

The competence of the staff in the field of provided services and the professional, well-coordinated work of the team, which in turn allows us to guarantee the fulfillment of orders of any complexity and volume, thereby increasing the number of customers annually and expanding the company's geography in market is expanded.

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Statistics 2023

18970000 km2
farmland in the world
195000000 metric tons
Global fertilizer production
2799000000 metric tons
World grain reserves

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