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In our company you can buy in bulk various types of grain with delivery from such states as Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Moldova for delivery to Europe. We always have a wide range of products available in our farmers' warehouses. company GrainProTrade offers an advantageous ZusaWorking for organizations large and small, as well as sole proprietorships and individuals engaged in the breeding and sale of livestock and birds in large batches.

We work with the largest producers of agricultural products in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Ukraine e.gusammen who offer an exceptional quality product. With us you can buy grain in large quantities at flexible and reasonable prices without losing quality. We guarantee that all products meet the requirements of the highest quality standards and are ready to submit the necessary documents and certificates for this.

We do not sell spoiled grain, do not supply expired products and products of inappropriate quality. For us, the long-term Zusaworking with the customer is important. Buyers get great discounts on regular orders. But that's not all the advantages of working with our company.

We also have:

  • Large selection of cereals
  • usually the best prices
  • Convenient payment and ordering systems
  • Fast delivery of batches of any size
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Help with product selection
  • optimal conditions of the Zusawork

We don't keep our customers waiting. We understand the time price well and how expensive it is now, so we will ship the goods immediately after you place the order. Within the stipulated period, the products will be with you.

The ZusaWorking with us is profitable and safe. Many years of experience in trading in the industry makes it possible to find an approach for each client that meets their needs.

Contact our specialists, ask your questions – we will be happy to help!

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