Our company sells yellow (golden) and brown (flax) flaxseed in large and small quantities. Delivery is made to European countries and around the world. Linseed (flax) is packed in sacks and Big Bags shipped and delivery is by car and train. On the product pages you can find out the current prices for flaxseed (flax) and send an inquiry for more details on the terms of payment and delivery of flaxseed (flax). You also have the option of using WhatsApp Messenger.

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The World of Flaxseed: Origin, Diversity, Ingredients and Perspectives

Flaxseed is a small but incredibly versatile grain that has been grown in many cultures around the world for thousands of years. It is rich in nutrients and has many health benefits. In this blog post we will explore the world of flaxseed, its origins, variety, ingredients and perspectives. We will explain how flaxseed is grown, the different varieties, the nutrients it contains and the health benefits it has. Also, we will look at how flaxseed can be used in the kitchen and what prospects it has for the future. Whether you're already an avid flaxseed eater or just curious about this fascinating grain, this blog post will provide you with all the information and inspiration you need to start incorporating this healthy food into your life.

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