Elephant ginger

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consider FOB Padang (West Sumatra, Indonesia) and minimum order quantity 1 twenty-foot standard container (TEU).
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Fresh Ginger (Prices at FOB Padang West Sumatra, Indonesia):

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Minimum order quantity: 1 twenty-foot standard container (TEU)
Total quantity: unlimited

Humidity: <12%

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West Sumatra, Indonesia
Harvest 2023

Elephant ginger is a special variety of ginger that has been given the name “elephant” because of its size and shape. Compared to common ginger, elephant ginger is larger and has a thicker peel. However, the taste and uses are similar to regular ginger. Elephant ginger is often used in Asian cuisine to add a spicy and spicy flavor to dishes.

Elephant ginger is special because of its size and shape. Compared to regular ginger, it is significantly larger and has a thicker peel. This makes it easier to peel and handle. The larger amount of ginger bulbs in an elephant ginger piece allows you to use more ginger at once, which is particularly convenient when you need larger quantities for dishes or drinks.

Additionally, elephant ginger often has a more intense flavor than regular ginger. It can be hotter and spicier, making it a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine. The taste of elephant ginger can also be slightly sweeter than other varieties.

Because of its size, elephant ginger is also good for pickling or making ginger beer or ginger syrup. The larger pieces are easier to handle and give the flavors more time to develop.

Overall, elephant ginger is an interesting variant of ginger that is particularly attractive due to its size, intense flavor and versatile uses.