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Beans contain many organic acids, fats (1.5-3%), starch (60-70%), vitamins (A, B, C and PP), also mineral salts (iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium). And due to the protein content (22-25%), these plants can serve as a meat substitute, and this plant protein is absorbed and digested much faster. Soybean seeds are particularly high in calories, up to 20% fat and up to 30% protein.

Legumes promote blood purification and lower cholesterol, protect the body from infections, affect the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver and digestion. Beans are useful for diabetes mellitus, as well as disorders of the nervous and immune systems. Contains a lot of fiber and dietary fiber, which is very appreciated by adherents of vegetarian diets.

Legumes are also used as forage crops, these are clover and alfalfa. The seeds go to concentrated forage, the vegetative organs to green forage, and the hay to silo. They love legumes and bees as the most honey-bearing plants. In modern production, legumes are used for the manufacture of casein and plastics. Chewing gum made from legumes is used in the textile industry. In the tropics, bean trees are used to obtain valuable wood, which has shades of pink, red, dark brown and even black.

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