One of the main demands of the Polish border blockade cannot legally be met

One of the main demands of the Polish freight forwarders blocking the border with Ukraine is not legally possible. European Commission spokesman Adalber Janz said this at a briefing in Brussels.

As is known, the main demand of Polish freight forwarders is the reintroduction of the system of issuing work permits for their Ukrainian colleagues in the EU.

“Reintroducing the permit or quota system for road freight transport is not legally possible, as this would be incompatible with the agreement on road transport between Ukraine and the EU. This agreement on road transport was of course concluded with the consent of the member states,” said the spokesman.

“If there are questions about the implementation of this agreement, it is primarily up to the national authorities of the member states and Ukraine to guarantee that the provisions of the agreement are respected in practice,” he added.

The European Commission, the spokesman said, could help in discussions about the problems that arose in the implementation of the agreement.

He also did not comment on the report by Polish mass media that the European Commission could initiate criminal proceedings against Poland if the Polish authorities did not resolve the issue of blocking border crossings with Ukraine.

Source: Ukragroconsult (Ukraine)

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