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Sunflower oil prices in Ukraine have risen dramatically

Prices for Sunflower oil have increased sharply (from 740 US dollars per ton of CPT Danube to over 800 US dollars). The processing companies' supply was further reduced due to the volumes already contracted, the unclear availability prospects and the sunflower prices. The soy processing factory in Lubarets reported.

"Soybean oil increases evenly and steadily on the world market, in Ukraine it is relatively stable (630-670 euros ex works). The biggest challenge is road logistics to the EU (queues at the border with Poland, risk of blocking the border with Slovakia),” the report says.

Logistics costs are rising – this limits the growth potential of Ukrainian soybean oil, processors add.

It should be noted that the main Ukrainian Oilseeds have increased their prices. A week later, prices for soybeans and sunflowers increased by 13-25 euros per ton at all purchasing bases (CPT Danube, Odessa, processing companies).

Source: Ukragroconsult (Ukraine)

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