Sunflower oil (1L bottle)

1,12  /1 liters

consider DAP Germany and minimum order quantity 22 tons.
The exact price is calculated depending on the distance!

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from 1,12 € / 1 liter (at DAP Germany)

Minimum order quantity: 22 tons (1 truck), on pallets, 33 pallets per truck
Total volume: 1000 tons
The DAP Price is calculated depending on distance, delivery is possible throughout Europe.

Acid, KOH/g: maximum 2,0 mg
Peroxide: 8,4 mmol/kg
Phosphorus: 0,54%
Moisture and volatile substances: max 0,09%
The mass fraction of non-fatty impurities: 0,08%

Best quality


Refined sunflower oil is transparent, without sediment, has a low-intensity color, and a fairly pronounced taste and smell. Refining is a step in the production of vegetable oil in which the vegetable oil is cleaned of various impurities. Vegetable oil is treated with alkali, free fatty acids and phospholipids are removed from it; the product is stratified, the refined vegetable oil rises and is separated from the sediment. The vegetable oil is then bleached. Biologically, refined oil is less valuable because it contains fewer tocopherols and no phosphatides.

Refined deodorized sunflower oil is obtained by exposure to steam under vacuum. This process destroys any flavorings that can cause the oil to deteriorate prematurely. Sunflower oils come in “P” and “D” grades. The mark D alone implies that refined deodorized sunflower oil is used. The oil of this brand is intended for the production of baby and diet food. In terms of physico-chemical parameters, it differs from brand P in the acid number. For brand D oil, it should be no more than 0,4 mgKOH/g, and for brand P oil, the norm is no more than 0,6 mgKOH/g.

Frozen sunflower oil is obtained by removing natural waxy substances (wax) from sunflower oil. These waxes give sunflower oil its cloudiness. If the oil was "frozen", then its name is supplemented with the word "frozen". Refined sunflower oil is used in home cooking for frying and braising. Since it does not give the products any additional smell, it is excellent for frying. Refined sunflower oil is also used to make margarine and cooking oils. Refined sunflower oil is used in the manufacture of canned food, soap, and the paint and varnish industry.