Soy Meal HP (High Protein)

520,00  /Ton

at FCA Ukraine and minimum order quantity 22 tons.
Price is calculated according to distance!


from 520,00 € / ton (at FCA Ukraine)

Minimum order quantity: 22 tons (1 truck), in Big Bags
Total volume: 500 tons

Humidity: 7%
Fiber per raw material: 5%
Protein per raw mass: 50%
Fat: 9%

Best quality, from sustainable soy processing.
Particularly suitable for chicken and pig breeding due to the high protein content.
Without GMO / Non-GMO (GMO-free).
Highly recommended


Particularly protein-rich soybean meal (from soybean press cake) with 50% protein content, imported directly from the producer in the Ukraine. This soy meal is available with and without GMOs. The goods are carefully selected by our employees in Ukraine and are therefore particularly suitable as feed for chickens and pigs.