Thanks to the unlocking of the Odessa ports, Ukraine will be able to export 4 million tons of agricultural products a month

Unlocking the ports of Odessa will allow Ukraine to receive about 4 million a month Tonnen Grains and export oil. Such calculations were shared by the Director General of the Association “Ukrainian Agricultural Business Club” Roman Slasten, Forbes Ukraine reported.

According to him, Ukraine will zusaMMen will be able to send 6,6 million tons of agricultural products to foreign markets monthly with export through the Danube ports and country-west borders.

Roman Slasten believes that this will be enough for Ukraine to export the remains of last year's harvest of 15-18 million tons and that Grains, which will be harvested in 2022 and sold to foreign markets, can be exported abroad.

According to UKLG forecasts, Ukraine should harvest around 2022 million tons of new crops in 70. The country needs around 15 to 20 million tons of grain for domestic needs. Thus, the export potential of Ukraine is 70 million tons of grain and oil.

If we export 6 million tons monthly, we will finish the turnover in 12 months.

Roman Slasten

Director General of Association “Ukrainian Agricultural Business Club”

But, according to the Director General of UKLG, these predictions cannot come true if foreign shipowners do not want to go to Ukrainian ports to take away grain.

So far, the number of interested parties is small. We hope that increases as there are tentative agreements on new ships to come for the harvest.

Roman Slasten

Director General of Association “Ukrainian Agricultural Business Club”

If you rely on the current world prices of grain and oil, Ukrainian farmers will receive about $70 billion for 15 million tons of crops. In general, Ukrainian business, including farmers and porters, will receive up to $20 billion.

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