White Sugar (Beet Sugar)

585,00  /Ton

consider CIF and minimum order quantity 12.500 Tonnen.
Price is calculated depending on the destination port!


from $645,00/ton (at CIF ASPW (any safe port in the world))

Minimum Order Quantity: 12.500 tons
Maximum: 300.000 tons per month
payment terms: SBLC, LC or DLC (upon agreement) as a security instrument for guaranteed payment, at the loading port payment is made by MT103 against the loading documents and after the successful SGS inspection

When making your inquiry to us, please ensure that you provide us with an official LOI letter (letter of intent) submit!

FOR EU BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: when importing sugar into the EU, the so-called EU compensation payment/an import duty of 419 euros/ton is due.
EXCEPTION: sugar imports from Ukraine is exempt from import duty payment!

Attenuation Index Units Method No. 10-1978
Ash content: maximum 0,04% by weight
Moisture: 0,04% maximum by weight
Magnetic particles: mg/kg 4
Solubility: 100% DRY & Free Flowing
Grit: Fine standard
Polarization: 99,80° minimum
Max AS: 1 PPM
Max operating system: 2 PPM
Max CU: 3 PPM
Colour: sparkling white
Sediments: NONE
Radiation: Normal with no cesium present
Substance: Solid, Crystal
Odour: Free from any odour
Harvest: Last Harvest

Best quality
crystal white