Sunflower oil, raw

710,00  /1000 liters

at FOB Ismail (Ukraine) and minimum order quantity 3000 tons.
Price is calculated depending on the destination port!

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from $770,00 /1000 liters (at FOB Ismail, Ukraine)

Minimum order quantity: 3000 – 6000 tons
Total volume: 6000 tons
Small batches with truck deliveries of 25 tons are possible (1 truck or in a Flexitank/container)

Acid, KOH/g: maximum 2,0 mg
Peroxide: 8,4 XNUMX/XNUMX mmol/kg
Phosphorus: 0,54%
Moisture and volatile substances: max 0,09%
The mass fraction of non-fatty impurities: 0,08%

Best quality


Crude sunflower oil (first pressing) is an oil that is only filtered and is therefore the most useful. phosphatides, tocopherols, sterols and others biologically valuable components are completely retained. Crude sunflower oil has a pleasant smell and taste, but cannot be stored for long, it quickly becomes cloudy and rancid.

Unrefined sunflower oil - mechanically purified without additional processing. The oil has a rich dark yellow color, a pronounced taste and smell of seeds. Unrefined oil is of premium, first and second grade. The highest and first varieties have a specific taste and smell characteristic of sunflower oil, without extraneous odors, taste and bitterness. A slightly musty smell and a slightly bitter taste are allowed for second-class oil, sediments may form. Unrefined oil is partially cleaned - it is settled, filtered, hydrated and neutralized. In unrefined oil, useful substances and vitamins are preserved: phospholipids, vitamins E, F and carotene. Unrefined sunflower oil is excellent for preparing salads and cold dishes, it is also used to make dough.

Hydrated Sunflower Oil - Obtained through mechanical refining and hydration. To do this, hot water (70°C) is passed through the oil, which has been heated to 60°C, in an atomized state. Protein and mucilage precipitate and the product is separated. The oil, unlike unrefined oil, has a less pronounced taste and smell, less intense color, no cloudiness and no sludge. Hydrated oil as well as unrefined oil are manufactured in the highest, first and second grade.