Sunflower seeds (Bakery)

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from 750,00 € / ton (at FCA Ukraine)

Minimum order quantity: 22 tons (1 truck)
Packing: 25 kg bags, at 30 bags per pallet. Alternatively in Big Bags
Total volume: 22000 kg
Terms of payment: 7 days if the credit check is positive

Sunflower Seeds Bakery 99,99%

Without pesticides

south of Ukraine
Harvest 2023

The benefits of sunflower seeds lie in their chemical Zusacommendation. And in terms of the content of some substances necessary for the body, it is difficult to be equal. Eating 100 grams of fried sunflower seeds provides a daily norm of thiamine (B1), 20% of the norm of riboflavin (B2) and pantothenic acid (B5), 64% of the required pyridoxine (B6) and half the daily norm of folic acid (B9 ).

B vitamins are supplemented by a large amount of tocopherol. 50 grams of sunflower seeds are enough to meet the daily norm of its consumption. Tocopherol or vitamin E is incredibly important for the body as it is an important antioxidant. Such substances prevent the development of cancer and support the youth of tissues, slowing down the aging process.

The Mineralzusacomposition of sunflower seeds is not very diverse, but very saturated. 100 grams of sunflower seeds contain 81-82% of the required amount of magnesium and phosphorus, 97% of the norm of selenium and copper, about 100% of the required volume of manganese and 180% of copper. Calcium (7,8%), iron (29%), and potassium (26%) levels are relatively low, but are well replenished with other common foods. And by the amount of zinc, sunflower seeds have practically no alternatives - 42%.

A broad beneficial effect on the body has a vitamin B1-B9 complex, in combination with vitamins E and PP (nicotinic acid). A sufficient amount of these substances is necessary for effective metabolism, the conversion of fatty acids and high-quality lipid metabolism. A lack of B vitamins is usually the cause of many cosmetic problems. Deficiency worsens the condition of hair, skin, nails, makes them brittle, dry and fragile. ZusaTogether with sunflower seeds and oil, vitamins work to prevent such disorders.

Thanks to the large amount of magnesium, regular intake of sunflower seeds promotes calming, balancing of the nervous system, building neural connections and impulses in the body. A stably functioning nervous system mitigates the consequences of stress, illness and other negative events.

In the absence of conflicts of the body with other components, sunflower seeds can be very useful for copper deficiency in the body. The trace element is responsible for the production of hemoglobin and is therefore needed to prevent and treat anemia. Copper also needs healthy skin, as the element promotes the synthesis of natural collagen, thereby correcting wrinkles.

Dietary fiber, which is present in large quantities in sunflower seeds, also has a positive effect on the body. Low-fat, non-digestible fiber moves through the intestines and collects food debris. This involves a gentle massage of the walls of the digestive organs, which increases blood flow.

The beneficial effect of sunflower seeds on the digestive tract is also expressed in the passage of many antiseptic substances: flavonoids, organic acids, minerals, etc. This preserves and restores a healthy microflora. It is not for nothing that the sunflower is considered an excellent anthelmintic plant. Sunflower seeds also have this property, although the oil is much more effective with targeted helminth application.