Belarus asked the UN to assess the impact of sanctions on food safety

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations should assess the impact of sanctions imposed on Belarusian fertilizers on world food security, Belarusian representative Kirill Petrovsky said at the FAO Council session.

“Today we will not allow anyone to continue deceiving the whole world. Sanctions against fertilizers exist, they directly affect food security and the FAO needs to assess this impact," Petrovsky quoted the press service of the Republic's Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying on Tuesday.

He believes that the issue of the impact of sanctions imposed by the West on Belarusian fertilizers is being ignored and has been recalling a “conversation between the blind and the deaf” for almost a year. The diplomat reminded that sanctions against Belarusian fertilizers and their producers were imposed long before February 2022.

“There are a number of factors affecting the level of world food security. And they have to recognize everything in order to actually find a way out,” demanded the representative of Belarus.

Relations between Belarus and Western countries have deteriorated dramatically after the 2020 presidential election, leading to unauthorized mass protests, which were suppressed by law enforcement agencies with the help of special equipment and special equipment, among others. Western countries have gradually imposed sanctions on Belarusian officials and companies, blaming Minsk for election abuses and human rights abuses.

The collective West has stepped up sanctions against Minsk for its support of the special military operation in Ukraine. In March, the EU agreed new sanctions against Belarus. They affect, among other things, several branches of the Belarusian economy, in particular the production of potash fertilizers. Last June, the EU already introduced restrictions on trade in Belarusian potash fertilizers with a certain percentage of the active ingredient content. In addition, in February, Lithuania suspended the transit of potash fertilizers on its territory in ports, and companies in the Belarusian potash industry are on the US sanctions list. Western sanctions have affected potash fertilizer manufacturer “Belaruskali” and the exporter of its products, Belarusian Potash Company.

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