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Due to blocking of the Nikolaev port export of the NIBULON firm fell by 88 percent

From March to August the export of the NIBULON company fell by 88 percent because of the blocking of the port of Nikolaev. At the same time, the cost of logistics in the country has increased 40 times. The head of the company, Andrey Vadatursky, reported about it to the Politico edition.

NIBULON Company has changed the export route of agricultural products with railway, automobile transportation and river transportation. As insurance against future disruptions, the company is building a new river terminal on the Danube.

However, overland routes are significantly more expensive, and logistics costs have already increased by a factor of 10 to 40 on average, depending on the route. Exports via Poland and Romania were also particularly slow due to bureaucratic delays at the border.

Andrey Vadatursky


The head notes that the grain passage needs to be expanded and to the port of Nikolaev, which accounted for 30% of Ukrainian export before the war.

Vadatursky has also called on Western partners to support Ukraine's agricultural sector, as this will help bring down world food prices and prevent migration from the world's poorest countries.

Western governments and creditors urgently need to increase funding and ensure flexibility in debt payments so farmers, traders and logistics suppliers can support this vital industry.

Andrey Vadatursky


Thanks to the start of the first row of the new terminal on the Danube, we will remind that in October the NIBULON Company shipped more than XNUMX thousand tons of agricultural products.

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