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Negotiations to purchase and supply wheat under the Grain from Ukraine program begin

The Public Service of Ukraine for emergencies announces the start of negotiations on the purchase and delivery of Wheat as part of the Grain from Ukraine humanitarian food initiative. This was reported on December 7 by the press service of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine.

As already mentioned, it is negotiable to ensure the delivery of two batches of wheat in 2022 at least in 3rd class. The first of them, with a volume of 27.000 tons, was to be delivered on the CIF basis to the Turkish ports of Samsun or Tekirdag. The second batch (32.000 tons) must be delivered to Port Sudan (Sudan) under the same conditions.

Further information on procurement terms (specifications, participant requirements, etc.) will be provided when willingness to participate in the negotiations is confirmed.

It is also stated that humanitarian aid operations for the respective countries are carried out within the framework of the Grain from Ukraine initiative in accordance with the Decree of November 24 this year No. 1313 "On providing humanitarian aid to the countries of Africa and Asia".

Source: APKinform (Ukraine)

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