Ukrainian processors cut soy pulp prices for the second month in a row

After monitoring in may on the Ukrainian market for soy pulp remained the tendency of gradual decrease in sales prices, steady at the beginning of last month.

At the same time, the key factor that caused the price drop and even its acceleration remained the same. In particular, this is a significant decrease in the purchasing activity of animal breeders and representatives of feed, since there is no need for urgent replenishment of food cultivation due to the quantities already purchased. In addition, the situation was aggravated by the unwillingness of buyers to purchase finished products at the same prices, since logistics became significantly more expensive against the background of the fuel crisis in the country.

So sind seit Anfang des Monats die Angebotspreise für Sojapülpe in der Ukraine um 47-63 €/Tonne gesunken und from dem 30. Mai werden grundsätzlich innerhalb von 408-587 €/Tonne geäußert.

With low sales, many processors faced the problem of storage overcrowding and in some cases decided to stop production. Market participants did not rule out the possibility that these measures could lead to some supply reduction and support the price situation.

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