Ukrainian traders lower purchase prices for wheat in seaports

Last week in the ports of the Danube and the Great Odessa there was a drop in demand from traders for Wheat.

The main factor in price pressure was the restrained demand of importers for this crop due to high freight rates and the risk of grain shipments across the Black Sea. While freight traffic towards the ports of the Danube region continued to increase. In addition, due to the tense military situation in the south of the country, most farmers and traders are afraid to build up large quantities in storage, which has also contributed to a drop in demand prices.

In particular, purchase prices for grade 2, 3 wheat and forage fell to $195-225/ton, $190-215/ton and $175-205/ton. In the process, the maximum prices, which were stated by the units and above all in the Danube ports, fell.

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