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Ukrainian grain exports in 2022/23 exceeded 48 million tons

Nach den operativen Daten des Staatlichen Zolldienstes hat die Ukraine from dem 22. Juni from Anfang 2021/22 (1. Juli) 48,005 Millionen Tonnen Grains and Legumes exported. I reported about it to the press service of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine.

Export deliveries are estimated at 907 thousand tons as of the beginning of this month.

On average, the crops were exported between July 1st and June 22nd:

  • Wheat – 18,676 million tons (in June – 78 thousand tons);
  • Barley – 5,737 million tons (21 thousand tons);
  • Rye – 161,5 thousand tons (not delivered);
  • Corn – 23,12 million tons (803 thousand tons).
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