Sunflower seeds

Turkey significantly increased imports of sunflower seeds in July

According to Oil World experts, in July this year Turkey stopped importing Sunflowers auf 120 Tausend Tonnen erhöht, verglichen mit nur 14 Tausend Tonnen im Juli 2021.

The main volumes of imported oil were delivered from Ukraine – 107 thousand tons, and from the beginning of 2021/22 (October-July) imports of Ukrainian sunflower through Turkey increased to 58 compared to 308 thousand tons in the same period of the previous season thousand tons increased. In this case, Turkey has imported 569 thousand tons of oil in the current season, which is below last year's figure (833 thousand tons), while shipments of sunflowers from Bulgaria, Romania and the People's Republic of China are decreasing.

Sunflower oil imports to Turkey decreased a little in July - to 34 thousand tons compared to 43 thousand tons a year earlier, although deliveries of Ukrainian oil amounted to 28 (6) thousand tons and Russian - 6 (32) thousand tons. In turn, the export of the product increased in July – by 56 (28) thousand tons. In particular, Turkey exported oil to Ethiopia - 10 (13) thousand tons, Libya - 8 (2) thousand tons, Lebanon - 5 (2) thousand tons. In total, Turkey exported 451 thousand tons of sunflower oil in October and July, compared to 413 thousand tons in the previous MG, a quarter of which was shipped to Ethiopia (105 thousand tons).

Import of sunflower meal to Turkey in July increased to 41 (29) thousand tons, although since the beginning of the season the import volume of the product has been 695 thousand tons, which is slightly lower than the result of the 2020/21 season in October-July.

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