TOP 5 importers of Kazakh flax

Kazakhstan is the world's largest producer of oil flaxseed. In the 2017/2018 season, the country received a harvest of 683,3 thousand tons, surpassing the previous leaders, Russia (603,2 thousand tons) and Canada (555 thousand tons).

Since then, the first position has held securely. In the penultimate season, 2020/2021, a record harvest of flex seeds obtained from oil – 1 million 58,4 thousand tons.

However, in the current season, Russia has taken the lead: according to estimates from the Grain Union of Kazakhstan, in the 2021/2022 season, domestic farmers produced 775,6 thousand tons of flax, while the Russians produced 930 thousand tons. The reason is clear - the extreme drought that Kazakhstan was facing. There was also a slight decrease in the area under cultivation – from 1 million 526 thousand hectares in 2020 to 1 million 496,1 thousand hectares in 2021.

Still, the lack of volume compensated for the price increase, which had risen from $428 in March 2021 to $761 in March 2022 in the Kazakh home market. In Europe, prices rose even more over the same period - from 515 to 1035 dollars per ton.

This season, Belgium came first among buyers of Kazakh flax, overtaking China. In the first six months of the current season (from September 2021 to February 2022), this European country bought 65,8 thousand tons, while China has only 27,1 thousand tons. In the same period of last season, the figures were different: China - 85,9 thousand tons, Belgium - 78,5 thousand tons.

Deliveries to Poland increased slightly (48 thousand tons versus 41,9), and exports to Turkey quadrupled – from 3,8 to 15 thousand tons. Deliveries to Germany fell by a third – from 13,1 to 10,3 thousand tons. Also among the big buyers – Russia (7,8 thousand tons) and Afghanistan (4,3 thousand tons).

So, TOP 5 importers of flaxseed from Kazakhstan: 1. Belgium, 2. Poland, 3. China, 4. Turkey, 5. Germany.

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