Olive oil

Tajikistan intends to increase production of vegetable oil from 22 to 70 percent

The Tajik President has mandated the restoration and modernization of oil plants in Dushanbe, Bochtar and Kanibadam to increase production and increase the country's vegetable oil self-sufficiency from the current 22% to 70%. This became known from the message of the head of the republic Emomali Rahmon «On the main directions of the domestic and foreign policy of the republic» published on the official website of the President.

In 2023, the Ministries of Industry and New Technologies, Economic Development and Trade, the State Committee for Investment and Management of State Property, e.gusaWe work with entrepreneurs and investors to ensure that “the productive activities of industrial enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, which have ceased operations or are not operating at full capacity, are fruitful,” said Rahmon.

«The ministries and departments mentioned should be in ZusaIn 2023, we will work with entrepreneurs and investors to equip the Dushanbe, Bochtar and Kanibadam oil plants with modern technology at their capacity in previous years. Currently, the demand of the country's consumer market due to domestically produced oil increases by only 22%. If the above-mentioned companies start operating, the country's population's demand for domestically produced oil will be ensured by 70%," the head of state emphasized.

Source: agro sector (Kazakhstan)

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