rapeseed field

Strategie Grains has raised the forecast for the EU rapeseed harvest for 2022/23

The experts at Strategie Grains have the prognosis for the rapeseed harvest in the EU 2022/23 from 19,46 million so far Tonnen increased to 19,51 million tons, which is also 14,7% higher than the oil harvested the previous season (17,01 million tons). The average oil profit is estimated at 3,35 tons/Hektar forecast (+4% per year).

High current prices are expected to prompt farmers to increase their rape acreage in the EU by 10,3% per year to 5,81 million hectares. Also, analysts expect an increase to 2023 million hectares in the previous forecast for 24/6.

Now is Rapeseeds attractive for cultivation, and the rainfall before and after sowing is quite good. However, after the warm autumn in France, it is necessary to control pest problems.

For other oil crops, the analysts at Strategie Grains expect the sunflower harvest to 9,18 million tons (-10,7% per year) with a yield of 1,8 tons/hectare (-22,6%). Soybeans to 2,41 million tonnes (-10,4%) with a yield of 2,22 tonnes/hectare (-21,1%). In 2022/23, 5,1 million hectares (+15,3%) and 1,08 million hectares (+13,5%) are expected Soybean grown.

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