Stratégie Grains has raised the forecast for EU wheat production in 2022/23

In the September Stratégie Grains report, the forecast for total EU wheat production in 2022/23 was increased by 0,8 million tonnes per month to 131 million tonnes, but this is subject to the previous season's result (137,5 million tonnes).

As indicated, the adjustments to an increase in harvest estimates are soft Wheat attributed – to 124,1 million tons while it is for fixed Grains remains unchanged and is 6,9 million tons.

Experts also point out that most of this year's European wheat harvest does not show any serious contamination with mycotoxins. At the same time, wheat harvested in France, Germany, Poland and the Baltic States has a low protein content, although other quality indicators are generally satisfactory for processing. Therefore, 68% of the mild wheat crop in the EU is expected to meet flour standards.

In addition, the prognosis for the barley harvest in the EU increased by 2022 million tons per month to 23 million tons (+ 1 million tons per year) in 51/0,8.

What the Corn As far as concerns are concerned, analysts point out that the rains did not come to Europe until mid-August and it is too late to improve the grain harvest outlook.

The first results of the corn harvest confirm the low yield in France, Romania, Germany and Hungary. The forecast for total grain production in the EU per month is reduced by 2,5 million tons to 52,9 million tons (2021/22 to 70 million tons).

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