Since the beginning of June, purchase prices for genetically modified soybeans have been falling in Ukraine

Since the beginning of June there has been a drop in purchase prices for genetically modified products on the Ukrainian market Soybeans.

The development of this trend, in the first place, contributed to the heavy demand from processors, who have purchased previously significant quantities Oilseeds, sufficient for work in the medium - and long term. In addition, the difficulties in realizing finished products are forcing manufacturers to reduce the processing volumes of soybeans. It is worth noting, however, that prices fell in the third decade of the month due to reluctance to sell from oil farmers who find the set prices unacceptably low, especially given persistently high logistics costs.

Since the beginning of the month, prices for demand for GM soybeans in Ukraine have fallen by €25,50-48/ton and from June 25 are expressed mainly within the range of €351,50-421,70/ton.

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