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Shipowners and traders are waiting for the solution of the situation with the export of grain from Ukrainian ports

Internationale Reeder und Händler haben bisher Angst, irgendwelche Verpflichtungen bezüglich des Getreideexports aus der Ukraine vor dem Hintergrund des Mangels an Details des Ausfuhrverfahrens und der Versicherung zu übernehmen, berichtet TASS unter Berufung auf Bloomberg-Informationen.

As Bloomberg notes, some shipowners expect the situation to be clarified and the cost of insurance contracts to be reduced to a level that is acceptable to them. The other part is ready to take the cargo without insurance, but first they want to see how the transport mechanism from the Ukrainian ports will work and make sure that the ships can safely pass the proposed route.

Since shipowners are not willing to take on specific obligations for the transport of goods, grain traders also adopt a wait-and-see position.

Because of this, the value of the WheatFutures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange fell for the second straight day late last week on the back of the signing of the grain export deal.

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