Forecast for grain exports from France outside the EU slightly lowered

The experts of FranceAgriMer have updated their forecast for wheat exports outside the EU for 2022/23, increasing by 0,1 million compared to the previous month Tonnen reduced to 10 million tons (+14% per year). However, despite the downward revisions, the reported figure is 14 percent higher than the previous season's result.

As already mentioned, over the course of 2022/23 the country can produce 250 thousand tons Wheat to Tunisia, while in the previous season no exports were made in this direction, Intercereales said.

Given the declining export forecast and the expected reduction in feed use Wheat The forecast for final grain stocks in France for the 2022/23 season was increased by 0,5 million tons per month to 2,6 million tons, a decrease of 9% compared to the previous year.

What else grain types concerned, the forecast for exports also became more French Barley outside the EU decreased by 0,1 million tons per month to 2,4 million tons (-26% per year). The forecast for the final residues is 1,8 million tons.

The forecast for the exports of Corn outside the EU is 0,4 million tons (-39% per year), the final stocks are expected at 2 million tons (-9%).

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