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Poland will help Ukraine to more actively develop export of agricultural products through the EU

Poland and Ukraine will try to speed up the implementation of the project to build an oil pipeline and work on developing new export routes of Ukrainian products through the EU. This was discussed during a working meeting between Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine Nikolai Solsky and Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Poland Henrik Kowalczyk, the press service of the Ministry of Ukraine announced on October 29 .

As already mentioned, M. Solsky emphasized that it is important to grant state status to this project.

This will simplify many approval procedures and make it possible to quickly move to the practical phase of implementation.

In return, G. Kowalczyk assured that Poland, for its part, would need compensation for the construction of transshipment envelopes for the transport of Grains supported, which are to be created on the borders of Ukraine with Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

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