Poland and Spain are the main buyers of Ukrainian rye after the 5 months of 2022/23

According to the data, between July and November 2022/23, 11,9 thousand tons Rye exported from Ukraine, which is 85% worse than the previous season (80,7 thousand tons).

Poland and Spain, with a total share of 95%, were the main importers of Ukrainian Grain crop according to the results of the 5 months of the current season. Thus, 6,5 thousand tons of rye (-74% by 2021/22) were shipped in the direction of Poland and 4,8 thousand tons (-48%) in Spain.

According to the forecasts of the analysts of “APK-Inform” in December, rye exports from Ukraine in 2022/23 are expected at 20.000 tons, which is 2021% inferior to the results of the 22/88 season (162.000 tons). A significant reduction in grain supplies to the foreign market is directly associated with a significant reduction in production. So, if in 2021/22 the gross weight of rye was 593,2 thousand tons, the current season is only reflected by the reduction of the harvested area under the crop as a result of the military invasion of the Russian Federation on the territory of our state, according to agency analysts 244,6 thousand tons estimated (-59%).

Source: APKinform (Ukraine)

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