Rainfall in Brazil helps promote soybeans

According to the results of Confrom monitoring, last week's rainfall in the states of Mato Gros do Sul and São Paulo has encouraged the active sowing of Soybean contributed. Overall, in Brazil in October, 34% of the plan with Oilseeds planted (+12% per week), which is still inferior to the result of the previous year (38%) but above the average of the last 5 years (27%).

In particular, in Mato Grosso 67% of the planned areas have already been sown with soya (+17% per week; 71% in the previous year; 48% in the last 5 years), in Paraná – 39 (+6; 52; 47) % areas the plan, in Rio Grande do Sul – 0,2 (+0,2; 4; 2).

Also in Brazil will continue Corn planted after the first harvest. The experts note the slowdown in working hours in the states of Parana and Santa Catarina, and also expect a reduction in planned cultivation in the state of Goias due to excessive rainfall. Overall, in Brazil, as of October 22, 36% of the plan's land has been covered Grains seeded (+5% per week), which is slightly lower than last year (38%).

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