After a long decline in Ukraine, wheat prices stabilized

Since the beginning of last week there has been a certain stabilization of the price situation in most regions of Ukraine in the field of food wheat after a long downgrade.

A large number of proposals, the need for farmers to free storage space against the background of the approaching beginning of harvesting, favorable weather for the development of Grains and moderate demand processors, закупавших raw materials in small quantities, continued to put pressure on prices. However, prices were supported by the lack of fuel in the country and its increase in price, which made it difficult both to supply grain and to carry out field work.

June most processors fix the demand for Wheat der Klasse 2 und 3 im Bereich von 179,3-221,7 und 176-218,5 €/Tonne. Inzwischen erreichen die Einkaufspreise der exportorientierten Unternehmen in der südlichen Region manchmal 241,3 bzw. 238 €/Tonne.

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