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After a sustained price increase in Ukraine, soybeans started to get cheaper

Since the beginning of last week, Ukrainian processors have started increasing purchase prices for GM and non-GM Soybeans to lower. It should be noted that this trend is observed for the first time since mid-July.

This price situation is mainly due to the active promotion of the harvest campaign and the absorption of a large number of soybean offers from farmers in urgent need of farm asset replenishment. In addition, it should be noted that a number of farmers have tried this oilseed to be realized primarily with low quality values ​​and to expect a more favorable price trend for the sale of high-quality soybeans. However, the price adjustments were made by strong demand from most manufacturing companies, which prevented the price from falling more sharply.

Für Nicht-GM-Sojabohnen gfrom es einen signifikanteren Rückgang der Nachfragepreise – am 17. Oktober liegen sie überwiegend zwischen 413-455 €/Tonne und 435-463 €/Tonne eine Woche zuvor. Gleichzeitig sanken die Einkaufspreise für GM-Ölsaaten im Durchschnitt um 14 €/Tonne auf 358-400 €/Tonne.

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