After 10 years, the acreage under soy in Brazil can increase by almost a quarter

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture forecasts the country's soybean sown area to expand to 2031 million in 32/51,5 Hektar, which will exceed the 2021/22 season by 24%.

The largest increase is expected mainly in the Matopiba production region, which includes the states of Maranhão, Tocantins, Piaui and Bahia - by 16% to 10 million hectares.

The entire Brazilian soybean production in 2031/32 could be 179,3 million Tonnen (+32% on the 2021/22 result), while oilseed exports amount to 115 million tonnes (+49%).

In addition, Brazil's farmers are expected to reduce the acreage under Corn will expand up to 24,6 million hectares (+14%), including Safrinha cereals up to 21,7 million hectares (+32%). The total production of Brazilian Corn can reach 10 million tons (+ 150%) in 32 years, while its exports amount to 46,3 million hectares (+ 25%).

Overall, the total production of Grains and Oilseeds in Brazil in 2031/32 forecast by the ministry at 370,5 million tons (+37% on the 2021/22 season result).

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