Moldova declares a state of emergency due to drought

In Moldova, from August 3, an emergency regime will be introduced, caused by a hydrological drought on the territory of the republic. This was stated on August 2 by Moldova's Agriculture Minister Vladimir Bolya.

The minister clarified that the ecological crisis is the cause of the agricultural emergency. Therefore, at the next meeting of the Emergency Committee, it will be decided to withdraw the provisions of certain laws to facilitate Moldovan farmers' access to water resources.

It is expected that the low water level on the rivers of Moldova (except for some tributaries of the left Dniester) will last until August 5 this year and: on the Dniester – 30-40% of the average monthly multi-annual values, on the Prut River –15- 30%; on small rivers - 10-20% and on some small rivers - 0-10%.

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