Moldova has almost completely lost the corn harvest this year

The corn harvest in Moldova is almost completely lost this year, but it does not endanger the food security of the republic. This was stated by the managing director of the association «Agrocereale» Igor Grigoriev, reports IPN.

He noted that the drought, the war in Ukraine, which has led to a galloping increase in fertilizer prices, and breaches in logistics chains are threatening much of Moldova's agricultural production.

If you look at Wheat and Barley, so in the conditions of drought and rising fertilizer prices, the yield fell by 30%, and sometimes even 50%. The Harvest of Sunflowers has dropped by 30-40%. The most affected crop is corn - 80-90% of it was hit. There are farmers who say that 100% of the corn fields have not received a harvest. On average, the grain department in the republic recorded a 50% decrease compared to the previous year. But I would like to remind you that last year saw a bumper harvest of grain.

At the same time, the expert added that the livestock sector in Moldova is not too advanced, even a small grain harvest is enough to meet domestic needs.

Last year we had a corn harvest of 3 million tons, and this year it will be about 700-800 thousand tons of corn. This will not lead to a food crisis along the grain line. Even this low level of production covers all domestic needs of the Republic of Moldova both in the production of animal feed and in the nutritional segment for the population.

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