MARS experts lower forecasts for grain harvest in the EU

In the July report, the MARS experts again lowered the harvest forecast for agricultural crops in the EU due to the persistent hot and dry weather conditions in large parts of Europe. Thus, the negative impact of drought on yield potential summer cereals noted in Spain, southern France, Italy, Germany, northern Romania and eastern Hungary.

In particular, indicator of productivity shortened for Wheat with up to 5,76 tons/hectare (-1,6% compared to the average of the last 5 years) in the previous month, Durum – with up to 3,44 tons/hectare (-3,3%), summer barley – with up to 4,19 tons/hectare (-0,7%), winter barley – with up to 5,73 tons/hectare (-0,5%), corn – with up to 7,25 tons/hectare (-7,8%).

For the Oilseeds was the earnings forecast only for Sunflowers to 2,18 tons/hectare (-8% on the previous forecast; -6,7% on the average of the last 5 years) and for Soybean down to 2,72 tons/hectare (-9%; -5,7%) while for Rapeseeds this value was raised to 3,13 tons/hectare (+1,9%).

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