Corn field

MARS experts have again lowered the forecast for agricultural yields in the EU due to the ongoing drought

According to the MARS report of June 2022/23, the yield of the wheats in the EU is 5,8 tons/hectare, which is 2% of the value predicted in May and 5% that of last year (-1% on the average of the last 5 years), while durum wheat is 3,4 tons/hectare (-5%; -3%; -2%).

For the month, the earnings forecast for Winter barley reduced by 1% to 5,7 tons/hectare (-6% yoy), Corn by 1% to 7,9 tons/hectare (-1% per year), Rapeseeds by 2% to 3,1 tons/hectare (-2% per year), Sunflowers by 1% to 2,4 tons/hectare (at the level of the previous year).

The forecast revision is based on the fact that dry weather conditions combined with high air temperatures will persist in much of Europe, particularly in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. At the same time, colder than normal air temperature delayed the development of agroculture in the Baltic countries.

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