Palm oil

Malaysia increased palm oil exports in September

Intertek Testing Services (ITS) experts estimate that Malaysia increased palm oil exports to 1 million tons in the period September 25-1,16, compared to 966,6 thousand tons in the same period last month, Nasdaq reports.

In particular, Malaysia increased exports of refined palm oil in August over the same period to 127,1 thousand tons versus 66,6 thousand tons, as well as oil to 372,9 (270,9) thousand tons, stearin to 95,4 (86,3 ) thousand tons and palm kernel oil to 19,4 (16,7) thousand tons. At the same time, the export of crude palm oil decreased to 199,6 (230,6) thousand tons.

Among the major importing countries of Malaysian palm oil, purchases of the product increased to 1 thousand tons between September 25 and September 190,6 compared to 107,6 thousand tons in the same period in August, while the EU increased in August to 243,7 (282 , 5) thousand tons and India decreased to 200,5 (207,2) thousand tons.

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