Sunflower oil

Kazakhstan increased export of sunflower oil under the conditions of the restriction

In September-April 2021/22, the export of sunflower oil (unrefined and refined) from Kazakhstan increased by 33% compared to the same period of the previous season and amounted to 96 thousand tons, according to the Office of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic Kazakhstan.

At the same time, deliveries in April compared to April 2021 increased 2 times and amount to 20.000 tons. Above all, the increase in exports is due to increasing deliveries to China.

The three importers of Kazakh oil are unchanged since the start of the season. Uzbekistan, with a 40% share, reduced procurement to 39 thousand tons (-8% compared to September-April of the 2020/21 season). China - on the second position with a volume of 27 thousand tons, which is 2,2 times the previous season. During the reporting period of the current marketing year, Tajikistan increased the import of Kazakh sunflower oil by 40% to 19 thousand tons.

Recall that the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced quotas for the export of seeds and sunflower oil, which the Ministry of Agriculture decided on August 31 of this year to extend.

According to forecasts, the estimate of exports of sunflower oil from the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2021/22 has remained unchanged and will amount to 115 thousand tons (turned over by 84%).

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