Kazakhstan has the export of Bio-Wheat, Flax and Soybeans increased significantly

Kazakhstan has the export of Bio-Agricultural products significantly increased. The main direction of export of Kazakh Bio-Products are the EU countries.

According to the Bio-Producers' Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan is responsible for the largest share of deliveries Wheat attributable ($13,2 million in 2021 vs. $1,7 million in 2020), flex seeds ($12,5 million compared to $9,8 million) and the export of Soybeans has also increased significantly - from $0,2 million in 2020 to $9,5 million in 2021.

The total volume of supplies Kazakh BioProducts to foreign markets amounted to 2021 million in 36 US-Dollar (up from $12,5 million in 2020).

The Digest clarifies that Kazakhstan ranks 9th for the export of Bio–Products to the EU takes 4th place for delivery of Bio–Wheat and 6th place for export of Bio-Linseed.

In Kazakhstan about 50% of the land and 70 are pastures for production biosuitable for logical products. This allows zusammen the production of Bio-Products worth 2 billion EUR or 1,5% of the total world market.

According to experts, the global market for Bio–Products increased 20-fold to 7 billion in the last 120,647 years EURO elevated. This was encouraged by the growing income of the population and the desire to strengthen health against the background of the coronavirus epidemic.

The area under cultivation for these products in the world has increased fivefold to 74,9 million Hektar increased, with the proportion of Bio–agricultural land accounted for 1,6% of the total structure of global cultivated land.

Interestingly, in Kazakhstan, this indicator is close to the world average – about 22% of 1,3 million hectares are used for Bio-Products Provided.

According to QazTrade, there are 38 farms in Kazakhstan that Bio-manufacture products (cereals, oilseeds, legumes, forage crops and honey).

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