Kazakhstan exported barley at a record low

According to the Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a total of 2021 tons were used for the 22/427.000 season Barley exported from Kazakhstan, which is 60% lower compared to the result of the previous season and is a record low for the last 9 seasons.

During the whole season, the largest amount of Kazakh barley was bought by Iran - 194 thousand tons (-73% of the same period last year). The second position in the ranking of importers was taken by Uzbekistan, which significantly increased the volume of purchases - to 100 thousand tons (+ 67%).

China occupies the third position with a significant (-65%) decrease in imports from Kazakhstan, which was essentially only 84 thousand tons.

According to the forecasts, the export of barley from Kazakhstan in 2022/23 could reach 600 thousand tons (+ 40% compared to the previous season).

The volume of supplies will largely depend on whether the main importers are Kazakh Grains buy or reorient to Russian. And also whether the question will be solved with the reception of Kazakh goods on the border with China.

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