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In two regions of Kazakhstan, up to half of the wheat harvest can be lost

The grain harvest in some regions of Kazakhstan has suffered significantly due to the wastage of saigakus. This was reported by Kazinform on July 27, citing the official response from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Die Regionen Akmolin, Kostanai und Westkasachstan waren am stärksten betroffen. Unter diesen Regionen in den Regionen Akmolin und Kostanai sind die Hauptkulturen Wheat. In diesen beiden Gebieten, in denen 55% aller Grains grown in Kazakhstan, farmers fear losing 50% of the harvest.

It is also stated that in the Akmolinian region 141,9 thousand Hektar, in Kostanai 49,6 thousand hectares, in West Kazakhstan 6,7 thousand hectares, in the Aktubin region 40,3 thousand hectares and in Karaganda 23,2 thousand hectares, the total area of ​​affected crops is estimated at 261,7 thousand hectares.

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