Grain crop

In ten months of this year, Azerbaijan imported almost 1 million tons of wheat

In the first ten months of this year, Azerbaijan imported 956,28 thousand tons Wheat, which represents an increase of 7,4% compared to the same period last year. This was reported by the Interfax-Azerbaijan agency, citing data from the State Customs Committee.

In financial terms, the volume of grain purchases increased even more significantly by 34% to $ 330 million in the specified period.

As already mentioned, in October the import volume of Grain crop increased to 212,1 thousand tons (204,9 thousand tons) from the September index, while price comparison purchases fell from $68,6 million in August to $67,9 million in October. For example, in the month indicated, Azerbaijan bought a ton of wheat for $320,37. Overall, the average price of wheat purchased in January-October this year was $345 per ton.

It is also reported that the purchase of vegetable oils in ten months of 2022 decreased by 2,9% year-on-year in quantitative terms - to 102,22 thousand tons, while in monetary terms it increased by 22,4% to $176,61 is. million

Year-to-date export of vegetable oils from Azerbaijan is estimated at 6,7 thousand tons (down by 26,2%) worth $12,6 million (growth by 5,7%).

Source: APKinform (Ukraine)

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