A large sugar factory is being built in western Kazakhstan

A new sugar factory is being built in the Aktyubin region of Kazakhstan. The relevant memorandum was signed on December 6 in Astana by Akim of the Erala region Tugceanov and the founder of the Turkish company Omtis Ortadoğu Makina, Ibrahim Gultekin, during the VII International Investment Forum «Investment Aktobe-2022». The capacity of the plant will be 330 thousand tons per year.

«A large-scale project to produce white sugar from sugar beets in western Kazakhstan is being implemented as part of a mandate from the head of state to ensure food security and saturate the market with domestic products. The construction of a sugar factory is a priority for Kazakhstan, since the market of our country, especially the Aktyubin region, remains dependent on imported supplies," said the press service of the Akimat of the Aktyubin region.

Turkish company Omtis Ortadoğu Makina, which has extensive experience in the construction of complex engineering projects, is ready to raise 550 million US-Dollar to invest in the project.

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