Sunflower oil

A record harvest of oilseeds is expected in Kazakhstan

Against the background of world oil crop prices, the planted area of ​​this group in Kazakhstan this year has reached 3,46 million hectares. The harvest forecast is 2,8 million tons, which is a record. These data are included in the Infographic Directory “Kazakhstan's Agribusiness 2021/2022”.

In the last ten years (excluding 2022), the Oilseeds by 67% and gross fees increased by 1,5 times. The production of Sunflowers and flax grew most actively.

The availability of oilseeds at the farms that grow and process them also reached a record 1 thousand tons on October 1673,8, and this against the background of increasing processing. According to the Bureau of National Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the production of vegetable oils increased by 9% in 25,3 months compared to the same period in 2021.

The leaders in oilseed cultivation are the North Kazakhstan and East Kazakhstan regions. The gross fee in these regions was 2021% of the country total in 55.

Source: Eldala (Kazakhstan)

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