In Kazakhstan, the regulatory mechanism for the export of oil products will be simplified

Bis zum Ende des Marketingjahres 2021/22 – im Juni und August – kann Kasachstan im Rahmen der vom Staat zugewiesenen Quoten weitere 68.000 Tonnen Sonnenblumenöl und 15.000 Tonnen Sunflower seeds export. On June 2022, Jadikar Ibrahimov, Chairman of the National Association of Oil Refiners of the Republic of Kazakhstan, reported during the first conference «FOC XNUMX: Fats and Oils Conference».

He reminded that since last season Kazakhstan has introduced quantitative restrictions on the export of oil products. In particular, for the 2021/22 marketing year, 262 thousand tons are allocated for sunflower oil and 155 thousand tons for sunflower seeds.

Everyone is interested in what will happen in the new oil season. As martial law continues in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, like all other countries, sees a threat that the prices of socially significant products, including sunflower oil, may soar. We understand that an extension of the restrictive measures is necessary. It is worth noting that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan is now considering the possibility of improving the regulatory mechanisms affecting licensing.

Yadikar Ibrahimov

Chairman of the National Union of Oil Refiners of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The expert explained that processors who receive an export quota can obtain a license for the entire amount of products to be exported. Accordingly, it will now not be necessary to issue a separate phytosanitary certificate for each batch. This will ease the situation when issuing documents for oil product processors.

According to Yadıkar Ibrahimov, during the restrictive export measures in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the production of sunflower oil will be 45%, sunflower meal 35%.

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