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In France, cars want to fill up with vegetable oil

The French authorities want to pass a law that will allow cars with diesel engines to be refueled with vegetable oil.

For the gas station, they plan to use vegetable oil left over after cooking and sent for processing. Ten liters of properly processed oil can be converted into nine liters Biofuel can be obtained.

The main fuel suppliers will be restaurants and industrial food manufacturers. However, private individuals can also give the oil used for processing. Special containers are set up in the cities for this purpose.

As the authors of the bill emphasize, plants emit Biofuels 90% less greenhouse gases than hydrocarbon fuels.

In many EU countries this oil is already used as Biofuel used. For example, in Madrid a centralized system was introduced to collect waste oil to recycle it into fuel. oilbiofuels are used to fuel public transport.

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