In France, wheat is harvested from half of the planned area

According to the results of the FranceAgriMer surveillance of July 11, Wheat in France, around 50% of the area of ​​the plan (+36% of the week) was harvested, which is significantly higher than last year (3%).

The harvest of durum wheat was carried out on 82% of the planned areas (+32% of the week; 37% last year).

It is also noted that 64% of the unharvested wheat plants are in good and excellent condition (63% a week earlier; 76% a year earlier) and, like a week earlier, 56% of the durum plants (66% last year) .

In addition, the harvest of Winter barley in the country almost complete – 97% of the plan’s areas are being milled (+14% of the week; 39% a year earlier), and the harvest of summer freshness is actively promoted – 41% of the plan’s areas are milled (+27% of the week ; 4% a year earlier). The proportion of plants in good and excellent condition was 62% for winter barley (73% in the previous year) and 51% for spring barley (83% in the previous year).

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