In one month, wheat prices in Ukraine fell by more than €32/ton

In May, the trend of gradual decrease in demand on the Ukrainian food wheat market continued.

Moderate demand from most mills remains a key driver of price pressure. For the most part, they had no shortage of grain supplies and only bought small quantities when needed, since they had previously been able to build up sufficient raw material stocks for processing. Some companies even suspended buying from Wheat, without difficulties with the realization of finished products (especially bran) and demanded the release of storage areas for further work. Some support for prices came from the activation of grain purchases by traders and a significant increase in the price of fuel and hence logistics.

Im Vergleich zu Anfang Mai sind die Preise für die Nachfrage nach Mehl für Wheat der Klasse 2 und 3 um 22-41 €/Tonne gesunken und liegen zum 2. Juni überwiegend in den Bereichen 174-221 €/Tonne bzw. 171-218 €/Tonne und erreichen nur in Einzelfällen in der südlichen Region die Werte von 231 €/Tonne und 228 €/Tonne.

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