In Ukraine, 10 percent of the areas under grain are boarded

As of July 15, the harvest was early Grains and Legumes in Ukraine covering an area of ​​1,2 million Hektar carried out, which is 10% of the planned. Of this area, 3,6 million Tonnen Grains with a yield of 29,3 quintals/hectare. This was announced by the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Average crops up to mid-July:

  • The Wheat 588,3 thousand hectares were boarded, with a yield of 28,8 hundredweight/hectare, 1,7 million tons were boarded;
  • Barley 589,6 thousand hectares were boarded, with a yield of 30,9 hundredweight/hectare, 1,8 million tons were boarded;
  • Peas 42,1 thousand hectares are boarded, with a yield of 18,4 hundredweight/hectare, 77,3 thousand tons are boarded.

Leaders in harvesting are farms of Odessa region, which harvested 39 thousand tons of grain from 404% of the area (982,8 thousand hectares) of grain and legumes. In the Dnepropetrovsk region, 24% of the land (252 thousand hectares) is processed and 709,5 thousand tons of grain are harvested. Landowners of the Nikolaev area processed 37% of areas (247 thousand hectares) and harvested 679,2 thousand tons of grain.

Besides, farmers from 15 regions of Ukraine began winter oilseed rape to harvest, which is already being harvested on an area of ​​133,7 thousand hectares (11%). 259,2 thousand tons of oil were pressed with a yield of 19,4 centners/hectare.

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